Booking conditions


1 – General terms and conditions (1) the property is leased fully furnished and equipped. (2) the price includes the supply of towels and bed linen. (3) the heating is included in the price but must be used appropriately; (4) the lessee receives a set of keys. (5) In case of loss of keys, shall be deducted from the value of 10 €. (6) pets may be accepted, although subject to prior authorisation (7) guests can receive visits but must inform the Quinta da Costa.

2-input and output (1) on the day of arrival, the accommodation entry is usually done after the 14:00 hours, unless another time is agreed. (2) on the day of departure, guests must leave the accommodation before the 12:00 hours, unless another time is agreed. (3) at the end of the lease, guests must leave the dwelling in the same State of cleanliness and clean in which the found

3-payment and reservation (1) in high season, covering the months of July and August, the minimum lease period is 2 days. (2) the normal occupancy is two people per room. For additional occupants, from 6 years ago, is charged a price of 15 € per day, including extra beds. 2 (4) the prices include towels and bed linen, electricity and gas. Cleaning is done every 3 days, along with the change of bed linen and towels. (5) the total amount is paid on the day of entry. (6) the prices may vary and will be confirmed with the reservation. (7) the Quinta da Costa will not refund unused services during your stay, such as the termination of the stay. (8) the Quinta da Costa is not responsible for any modification or cancellation of reservation for reasons of force majeure (war, storms, strikes, etc.).

4-Cancellation and anticipation of the end of the stay (1) the notice of cancellation must be made in writing, addressed to the Quinta da Costa. The cancellation is considered from the date on which it is received their written communication. (2) If the cancellation information is received with an advance of more than 48 hours from the date of entry, the payment will be returned. (3) If the notice of cancellation is received at less than the payments that have already been received will not be returned. (4) If the tenant terminate the stay before the end laid down for any reason, the obligation to pay the total price agreed.

5-Responsibilities of the tenant (1) the rental property, including furniture, equipment and goods that exist within it, should be left in the same State and condition it was in at the beginning of the stay. The property must also be left in the same State of cleanliness and clean in which it was found. (2) the tenant is responsible for the actions of the other elements that share the property. The lessee is responsible for any damage to goods or property, by you or any of your companions or guests. (3) during their stay, the tenant should not allow occupation of the property higher than the maximum capacity defined in the reserve. The tenant must occupy the property solely in order to enjoy a holiday stay. (4) The owners have the right to access the property during the day, in hours considered normal, for the purposes of inspection, cleaning or housekeeping or equipment inside. (5) the lessee must put the garbage outside daily. (6) at the beginning of the stay, the equipment and furniture in the property are in normal arrangement and functioning. Faults that are detected during the stay, must immediately be communicated to the Quinta da Costa; anomalies which are not readily communicated, shall be deemed to be the responsibility of the lessee, which shall bear the costs of repair. (7) guests should turn off the heat when they're not at home as well as close the doors and Windows to improve your efficiency, when that is connected. (8) children shall be permanently under the supervision of the Parents when they're by the pool (9) Quinta da Costa assumes no responsibility for accidents, loss or damage occurring during the stay. The use of the pool and other equipment is the responsibility of the user. (10) the Quinta da Costa does not assume any liability for loss and damage to property or personal injury. (11) it is recommended that travel insurance/vacation.