At Quinta da Costa practice organic farming.
Around the year 2000, the media warned us, in a very particular to the dangers that we all corriamos regarding the lack of food security and the importance of reducing the use of chemicals, either directly in foodstuffs in production for all purposes that did feel the level of pollution of soils, water and air.
Given the setting checked could have continued to watch passively to this situation but we decided to take action and begin to investigate and operationalize a new healthy philosophy that allowed an improvement of life.
So, we adopt the practice of organic farming while activity that is based on the promotion of biodiversity, in agricultural practices that allow improving the structure and composition of soil preserving them for future and developing ecological consciousness, preserving the quality of life and nature.
Currently, there are several organic products that produce such as lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, herbs, fruits … which we have seen a growing demand of the population.
"In nature nothing is lost, everything is transformed"
Experiênciar organic products is, above all, taste refined flavors and new textures, reinventing the "learn to live" and always looking to the future in a sustainable manner.