Starts this week, Thursday, September 10, the 3rd Edition of the itinerant festival "Tales of Grandmother".

The festival which goes on your 3rd Edition takes place this year in the parishes of Joane, Julianstown and Mouquim in the municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão and will, as usual, their traditional tales sessions in the homes of grandparents.


The grandparents Joaquim Vaz, Armanda Vilela, Aida Oliveira, Maria da Silva would do, Maria de Lurdes Marques da Cunha and Manuel Monteiro, are grandparents hosts this 3° Edition, opening the door of their homes to counters guests, neighbors, friends, family and the general public for several evenings dedicated to sharing stories and memories.

This year account for the first time with the participation of a foreign accountant, Quico Cadaval, which descends from the neighbouring Galicia to close the festival on Sunday, day 13, in a special session on Thursday on the coast, the parish of Mouquim, in a session that will be remembered the true story of the "miraculous", which sprouted one day a Holy Cross and whose water , believed the local population at the time, revealed healing powers able to cure all sorts of diseases.

This year will also be marked by the completion of the first "Tales to the table", a cycle of short sessions in which the public is invited to sit at the same table with the counters, sharing stories, legends, tales and even dinner.

The Tales of Grandmother offers several good reasons to move this week to Famalicão and enjoy a unique and intense emotional experience. Do not miss! This week, from 10 to 13 September

  •  Carlos Gomes
  • 07.09.15