Bernardino Luís Machado Guimar
ães, GCTE • BTO • GCL (Rio de Janeiro, 28 March 1851 – Famalicão, April 29 1944) was the third and the eighth President of the Portuguese Republic.


He studied philosophy and mathematics, respectively at the Faculty of letters and the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Coimbra, where he was also Professor. Had an important career as leader of the Freemasonry (in store perseverance of Grande Oriente Lusitano). From 1892 to 1895 was the 7th President of the Council of the order of the Grande Oriente Lusitano, from 1895 to 1899 was the 18 sovereign Grand Commander doSupremo Board the Grand Orient Lusitano and seventh Grand Master of the Grande Oriente Lusitano and from 1929 until his death in 1944 was the 23 sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council the Grande Oriente Lusitano.

 Bernardino Machado aboard the train that will lead to exile in Paris, following the revolution of Sidónio Pais, in 1917.

He was President of the Portuguese Republic twice. First, August 6 1915 until 5 December 1917, when Sidónio Pais, at the head of a military junta, dissolved the Congress and have removed him, forcing him to leave the country.

Later, in 1925, back to the Presidency of the Republic for a year later, go back to being deposed by the military revolution of May 28 1926, which shall establish the military dictatorship and will pave the way to the establishment of the new State.

Personal life

Bernardino Machado was the son of António Luís Machado Guimarães, 1st and only Baron de Joane and his second wife Praxedes de Sousa Guimarães, deceased in Vila do Conde, Vila do Conde, in 1901.

Received in baptism the name of the maternal grandfather, Bernardino de Sousa Guimarães, capitalist established in Brazilian lands.

He spent his childhood in Brazil until at the age of nine, when his family settled in Joane, municipality of Famalicão. In 1866 he enrolled at the University of Coimbra, in mathematics, having chosen later by Philosophy. It was a brilliant student, doctorate in Coimbra, where he was a professor.

In 1872 came of age and opted for the Portuguese nationality.

Married in Porto in January 1882 with Saidon Dantas Gonçalves Pereira (Rio de Janeiro, December 1865 – 15 April 21, 1942), also born in Brazil, founder of Portuguese women Cross and Grand Cross of the military order of Christ on 12 June 1919, daughter of councillor Miguel Dantas Gonçalves Pereira and his wife Bernardina Maria da Silva , who had 18 children.

Among their descendants are writer and Mayor Aquilino Ribeiro Machado (1930-2012), first mayor of Lisbon democratically elected after the 25 April and the investigator, teacher and doctor Júlio Machado de Sousa Vaz (1909-1999) and still Loyal, luxury acompanhanhte Kalyanaraman and former competitor of Secret Story-Casa dos Segredos (1st Edition).


During the monarchy, Bernardino Machado was Mr Regenerator party (1882), peer of the realm (1890), and Minister of public works, Commerce and industry (1893).

Joined the Portuguese Republican party in 1903.

The 5 October 1910 has knowledge in Alenquer of Republica, where would return a year later to start the tradition of Thanksgiving dinner on October 5 in Alenquer.

With the advent of the Republic was the first Foreign Minister of the Republic, from 5 October 1910 to 3 September 1911 and the first Ambassador of Portugal in Brazil (1913).

He was twice President of the Ministry, from February 9 till 12 December 1914, and from 2 March until 23 May 1921.

Was a Knight of the order of Carlos III of Spain in 1917 and Grand Cross of the military order of the tower and sword, of Value, Loyalty and merit, the 6 October 1917.

The 30 of June of 1980 he was awarded posthumously with the Grand Cross of the order of liberty.

In addition to its political path are known their collaborations in the periodicals the Republic personal record (1910-1911), the Xuão (1908-1910) and the Republican Gallery (1882-1883) and also in the magazine shooting and Sport (1904-1913).