The pines of Barcelos in v. n. de Famalicão

by João Afonso Axe *

To the memory of my kin Dr Armindo Pinheiro de Lacerda, however late, thanking your kind cooperation in this study

The consolidation of the Aviz dynasty opened a new chapter in the annals of the town of Barcelos. With the awakening of the 15th century is entered into the marriage of d. Afonso, bastard D'El Rei d. João I, with Beatriz, the only daughter and heiress of DOM Nuno Álvares Pereira. The young couple embodies the first Dukes of Braganza, and is awarded the lordship of "Princess of the Cávado" and its term and the County of Barcelos with that outside graced the Constable.

Will create walls the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria and the ducal Palace, drinking the waters of the river while the ruin didn't do it today. And, before that, because remained strained relations with Castile and Babu redobrara of strategic importance, first of all, I knew the Duke Afonso get your Regal Father permission to charge taxes of lenders work essential – the amuralhamento of the village.

Time-consuming undertaking, well studied, with a rugged final result. Guided the Galician nobleman Tristan Garcia Pinheiro, of the family of the Lords of the castle of Nareyo, in Galicia, and related to Teresa Lourenco, the mother of the master of Aviz. Came to Barcelos purposely for this purpose. And there it stayed for the rest of your life.

There he married also. With Edwards, the mythical White Tower of Outiz, located in the parish named, today the municipality of v. n. de Famalicão. But built his residence in Barcelos, just below the collegiate church, opposite the medieval bridge. That's what always designated the "Solar dos Pinheiros", national monument-nal (one of only two private buildings in Portugal awarded such classification), although now the property of his descendants, the children and grandchildren of Francisco Manuel Cardoso de Menezes Pinheiro de Azevedo and his wife d. Mariana de Jesus Barbosa Pereira de Sottomayor de Azevedo and Bourbon.

The pines Manor dates back to date prior to 1446, later enlarged and valori-ized in its architecture. However, the daughter of Tristan Garner and Edwards white, Mor Pinheiro, comes to marry Martin Garcia Wolf, Ombudsman of the Duke of Bragança and Alcaide-mor of Barcelos. And is in the last generation that will focus the present appointment. Because it surely identify how many still retain the surname and the family tradition and history of the pine trees of Barcelos.

Register, out of curiosity, the vicissitudes of life and times visited many of these relatives especially for the (novel) municipality of v. n. de Famalicão, emerging new homes, always the old solar indexed. Catalog them is also the objective of this work.

Among the offspring of Martim Gomes Wolf and Mor include White Pine and Isabel Pinheiro, that most interest us. With this latest Solar goes on and magnify. Your sister says the genesis of a new branch in the parishes of Mouquim and Cruz, the current famalicense territory. Principiemos then with his succession.

* Lawyer-Writer.

Cultural bulletin < III series no2 < • TOWN HALL VILA NOVA DE FAMALICÃO 13

And, as such:

the) Quinta da Costa

White Pine – Quinta da Costa and the Casa de Pindela

Consorciou-White Pine with Diogo Afonso de Carvalho, Corregidor in Trás-os-Montes and Judge the Palace during the reign of d. Afonso v. Stemmed from the noble strain of Oaks of Guimarães, amerceados in 1444 with a Mouquim, certainly in reguengo Quinta da Costa where Diogo Afonso de Carvalho and his wife lived. There they created the daughter, Isabel Pinheiro, who, too, married João do Prado, Squire-Knight and Lord of the Tower of the Juncosa and Louredo, Ribela, Pindela, Masroor, Real, Rego and shale, killed in action in the taking of Arzila.

His assets were allocated land by the children. The highlighted properties match, all of them, the current place names (places and Thursdays) the parishes of Gavião, Mouquim and cross. But with history and continuity in the Pine Family, only two: the coast (which came from Diogo Afonso de Carvalho) and Pindela (João do Prado).

Married Alfonso Pinheiro with Constance, granddaughter of a gentleman toledano, Lopo de la Higuera, that for dead family of the Catholic Kings if homiziou in Portugal, receiving letter of naturalization

???? Quinta da Costa-Mouquim

granted in 1489 by King John II.
We're in full adventure of the seas. The ships and the ships arrive each time further out

Unknown. The mirage of India becomes a reality. From the four corners of the Kingdom if the boys on demand afoitam of Fame and wealth, heading East. So too with the sons of Alfonso Pinheiro-Sebastian, Paul, Lopo – vessels took and never brought. The coast to follow, so with these sister, Basha Pinheiro, which matrimoniou with Gaspar de Lemos. And then, generation upon generation, always in the pines, we see it headed into Lopo Days de Lemos, married to Leonor da Fonseca Coutinho; Francisco Pinheiro, Wolf with Maria da Cunha; Paulo Pinheiro, Wolf with d. Leonor de Castro Pimentel; D. Luísa Maria Pinheiro, Wolf with Antonio Arraes Furtado de Mendonça; Antonio Arraes Furtado de Mendonça Wolf, with its relative d. Isabel Francisca de Mendonça; Luis Pinheiro de Mendonça, with d. Francisca Josefa de Almeida; Jerónimo Pinheiro Furtado de Mendonça Wolf, with his cousin Antónia Maria Pinheiro Arraes; and, finally, António José Pinheiro Furtado de Mendonça Wolf Arraes, with d. Josefa Francisca de Melo e Menezes.

Are ten generations counted since the Division of property of João do Prado and Isabel Pinheiro, always in the same blood. It happened, however, that António Pinheiro, the only son and heir of the last natural Mr da Costa, died before his progenitor, in 1833, the attack of the Liberal troops at Vila do Conde,

Alfonso Patel was the firstborn of João do Prado and Isabel Pinheiro. Upon the death of his parents, fit him the ownership of Juncosa, Ribela and the coast. As I mentioned, just it took possession of the Pines, aformosada with an esca-give two sections in your main body and engran-decide with a 17th century chapel of the invocation of Nossa Senhora da Conceição (like his congener of Pindela).

Cultural bulletin series III • no2 < < 14 TOWN HALL VILA NOVA DE FAMALICÃO

whose Militia was Captain. Was single and had no offspring, so Antonio Pinheiro, in those years perished revelers of civil war. And, so, the shore and the respective estate than (in appreciation of José de Sousa Machado, in "the latest Broadsides Apostilles to Generations of Entre-Douro-e-Minho") should "go through" the law of vocation Pindela, the closest relatives, came to family Correlhã Tower, from where came the aforesaid d. Josefa Francisca when widowed.

The coast walked after several hands, all others to their origins. Part of his documentary file, containing interesting pieces of genealogical content, preserves in Pindela. And sports, today still, outwardly, his early moth, in remarkable state of preservation that the gardens and the surrounding Grove well enhance.