Julio Barri
entos Júlio de Sousa Brandão (Famalicão, August 9 1869 – Porto, 9 April 1947) was a Portuguese writer.


In 1874, the family moved to the port where he would live the rest of my life. Archaeologist, was also a professor at school Infante d. Henrique, director of the Municipal Museum of Porto and a member of the National Academy of fine arts. While writer left a work as a poet, fiction writer and publicist, marked by simplicity and imagination. Collaborated in the weekly black and white (1896-1898) and in various magazines portuenses highlighting the Eagle; also if you know collaboration of his authorship in the revistasArte and life (1904-1906) and Evenings (1901-1911), and in the magazines luso-brasileiras Brazil-Portugal (1899-1914) and Atlantis (1915-1920). Between 1929 and 1933, he directed the magazine Sonnet Neo-Latin, Vila Nova de Famalicão. Part of the nefelibatas group and participated in the Symbolist current.


  • The book of Aglais
  • Miss
  • The garden of death
  • Mystery of the white rose
  • Gold cloud
  • Cantares
  • Soft Profiles
  • Clay figures